Slip and Falls

Our Slip and Fall Attorneys Provide Skilled, Aggressive Representation That Gets Results

Slip and fall accidents can result in very serious injuries that are not only painful to the victim, but require extensive medical care and a long recovery. If you are injured due to the negligence of a business or other property owner, our lawyers will take all necessary steps to ensure that the responsible party compensates you for your injuries. Contact us at Bonjour, Thorman, Burns & Dahm for a free initial consultation to learn more about whether you can obtain a settlement from a slip and fall.

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most difficult cases to win. Many attorneys will not take them because it is difficult to prove liability. The key to obtaining compensation in a slip and fall case is establishing that the accident was caused by the fault of another. An important first step is to establish that the owner, or those in charge of maintenance for the property, had prior notice of the dangerous condition that caused your slip and fall injury and did nothing about it. A thorough investigation will often reveal that the same property condition injured someone else in the past and the owner did nothing to correct the condition.

In one of the many slip and fall cases our firm has handled, a woman fell in a restaurant and severely injured her leg and ankle. Through discovery, our lawyers found that other people had been injured after slipping on the restaurant’s tiled floor. Because the owners were aware of that the condition of the floor created a hazard for customers, but had failed to repair it, we were able to obtain a significant settlement for our client.