Weapons and Gun Crime Lawyers in Pleasanton

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in the Bay Area where there is regular media coverage about gun violence, the government is likely to aggressively prosecute weapons offenses. Our lawyers have a high rate of success in motions to suppress the evidence by attacking 1) the legality of a search warrant, 2) the search itself or 3) the detention of the client. If successful, these motions can lead to a dismissal of charges or reduced charges.

In cases involving possession of illegal weapons, such as assault rifles, we regularly work with expert witnesses to examine the weapon to determine if it meets the technical requirements of the statute. We also investigate the validity of prior convictions when our clients are charged with illegally possessing a weapon for a prior conviction.

If someone charged with a weapons offense is not a citizen of the United States, a conviction can have serious immigration consequences. One of our priorities is to settle cases in a way that has minimal impact on a client’s residency in the United States.