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$1,500,000 – Settlement for Family of Six Injured in a Head-on Collision

A family of six, including four minor children, were on their way home from a birthday dinner when an SUV swerved into their lane and caused a head-on collision.  Everyone in the car suffered injuries in the accident, including two family members who were transported by helicopter to local hospitals.  The case resolved for all insurance policies available.  Our firm successfully negotiated significant reductions in the medical bills so that the majority of the settlement went directly to the clients, not health care providers.

$983,000 – Verdict for Woman Injured after Slip and Fall at Safeway

A Hayward jury awarded a San Leandro woman $983,000 as the result of a slip and fall at a Safeway store.  Our client spilled and fell on pooled water from a leak in the ceiling that Safeway had known about for weeks prior to the accident.  There was a six-figure settlement offer prior to trial but the client trusted our firm to fight her case because the money offered was not enough to compensate her for her injuries.  Partners, Emily Dahm and Megan Burns, tried the case and won.  The client received more than double what Safeway had offered before trial.

$550,000 – Settlement for Victim of Church Sexual Abuse 

Our firm had the privilege of representing a young woman who was groomed and abused by her church’s youth pastor when she was a minor.  The abuse began after she took a leadership role in the church youth group.  Church leadership knew about the abuse and failed to protect our client.  The church fought us vigorously, including filing a motion to dismiss the case.  Due to extensive investigation, we were able to prove the church was responsible for failing to protect the client and secured a large settlement for her.

Over $1,500,000 – Settlement for Wrongful Death After Couple Rear Ended in Sand Storm

Our client and her husband were in a horrific car accident in Southern California when a sudden sand storm caused close to zero visibility on the freeway.  Multiple vehicles were involved in the accident in which our client was seriously injured and her husband was killed.  Our firm participated in complex litigation, including suing multiple responsible parties and negotiating with numerous insurance companies, to reach a favorable outcome for our client under the circumstances.

$450,000 – Settlement for Passenger Injured when Drunk Driver Crashed into a Wall

A promising young soccer star was riding in a car with his best friend when the car crashed into a concrete wall on the side of the freeway.  The friend who was driving was intoxicated and died at the scene.  Our client was left with life-changing injuries from fractures in his spine.  The case was complicated by the fact that both men had been drinking.  In spite of this fact, our firm was able to secure a sizable settlement for a young person whose life was derailed because of the accident.

$525,000 – Settlement for Teacher who Suffered Broken Bones after Falling Off Balcony

A teacher who was visiting San Francisco for a basketball tournament when he fell four stories after a balcony railing collapsed at a rental property.  He suffered numerous injuries as a result of the fall, including a fracture in his spine and a traumatic brain injury.  Luckily, our client fully recovered but was left with the memories from that tragic night.  Due to rapidly conducting critical investigation and hiring a key expert, our firm was able to establish that the property owner knew, or should have known, about the dangerous condition.

$250,000 – Settlement for Father Injured in a Multi-Vehicle Collision

Our firm represented a father of special needs children who was seriously injured when a driver rear-ended him on the freeway.  The accident caused his vehicle to lose control and be struck by four more vehicles driving at freeway speeds.  Our client suffered a head injury and required substantial medical care.  Ultimately, the case settled for maximum insurance policy limits.  Our firm then worked hard to negotiate the client’s health insurance lien in order to maximize the client’s settlement proceeds.

Other successful outcomes include:

$1,000,000 for a working man on his way to work who was hit by CHP car;

$1,000,000 for a pedestrian hit by a delivery truck;

$1,800,000 for a widow of a man crushed by a high-speed elevator;

$1,010,000 for a mentally handicapped woman who was sexually assaulted in a nursing home;

$975,000 for a man who was severely injured during an assault at a baseball game; and

$600,000 for a woman who slipped and fell in a restaurant.

Charges Dismissed for Client Facing Special Circumstances Murder Charges
Four individuals were charged in a murder for hire plot in the killing of an East Bay marijuana grower.  A woman was charged with murder for hiring two hitmen from Tennessee to kill her business partner.  Our client was charged with murder because the government believed he assisted the ringleader in organizing the killing and getting the hit team out to California.  After a lengthy hearing with multiple witnesses testifying and vigorous cross-examination by Megan Burns, an Alameda County judge dismissed the homicide charges against our client, ruling that there was “no probable cause” to believe that our client intentionally and knowingly participated in the plot to kill.  After several months in jail for a murder our innocent client did not commit, he was finally freed due to the dedicated advocacy of our firm.

Read more about the case here:  https://www.bonjourandthorman.com/megan-burns-gets-case-dismissed-against-client-charged-in-murder-for-hire-plot/

Not Guilty Verdicts in DUI Trial with .15% Breath Alcohol Test Results
The police stopped our client as he drove across the Bay Bridge on his way home from a business meeting.  After a DUI investigation that involved multiple alcohol tests on breath devices showing results far above the legal limit, the client was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.  The client was certain that the test results were wrong and that he had been sober while driving.  After a thorough investigation, including a detailed review of the client’s medical history, it was discovered that a medical condition likely resulted in the inaccurate test results.  The prosecution refused to dismiss the case and the case headed to trial.  The jury returned with swift not guilty verdicts.

“Sexting” Charges Dismissed Mid-Trial against a Marine
Our firm represented a young Marine who had met a woman online whom he believed was an adult.  Unbeknownst to him, she was actually a minor.  The two exchanged numerous messages, including suggestive photographs and videos.  After the young woman’s mother discovered her phone and the messages, our client was charged with sending lewd material to a minor and other, related charges.  As a result of Emily Dahm’s thorough cross-examination of the young woman during the jury trial, the government dismissed all of the charges against the client.

Hung Jury and then Dismissal for Engineer Charged with Child Molest
A retired engineer and church elder was accused of inappropriately touching a female child at a church.  Initially, it was not clear why the young woman fabricated the allegations against our client.  After a thorough examination of the named victim’s phone records, and discovery of critical surveillance footage close to trial, the reasons for the false allegations emerged.  Numerous young women who had grown up in the same church testified on behalf of the client and his good character.  After several days of jury deliberations, the ten jurors who had been convinced of the client’s innocence were unable to convince the two jurors who refused to change their vote on guilt and the trial resulted in a hung jury.  The prosecution later dismissed all the charges against the client.

Young Man Charged with Double Murder and Facing Life in Prison Secures Favorable Deal
In September 2015, two young men were gunned down in East Oakland.  Nearby surveillance video showed the 16-year-old client running from the shooting and entering an apartment. That apartment was soon searched by law enforcement and a firearm was discovered in a backpack belonging to the client.  He was charged with two counts of special circumstance murder, meaning that the client was facing a life sentence without the possibility of parole.  After Jared Winter’s extensive investigation, exhaustive motion practice and lengthy negotiation, Mr. Winter was able to settle his client’s case under terms making the client eligible for parole in only 8 years.

Read more about the case here:  https://www.sfgate.com/news/bayarea/article/Man-Pleads-No-Contest-To-2-Counts-Of-Murder-For-13153359.php

Title IX Sexual Assault Case Dismissed against UC-Berkeley Student
After being wrongly accused by a fellow UC-Berkeley student of sexual assault, our client found himself facing Title IX proceedings at UC-Berkeley which could have resulted in his permanent expulsion from the entire University of California system.  In school disciplinary proceedings, the deck is usually stacked against the accused because the same Constitutional rights that exist in court do not apply to the disciplinary process.  Our firm conducted a thorough investigation of the claim against the client and was able to defeat the allegations.  The University determined that no discipline was warranted and our client went on to graduate with academic distinction.

Norteño Gang Wiretap Case Dismissed in Contra Costa County
Our firm represented one of nearly two dozen men arrested in Contra Costa County in the “Omega Red” wiretap operation, targeted at bringing down an alleged Norteño gang conspiracy to commit a variety of crimes in Eastern Contra Costa County. After nearly nine months of relentless advocacy, the court granted Emily Dahm’s motion to dismiss the case and her client was finally set free.  Numerous other defendants in the same case pled guilty and agreed to lengthy prison terms but our client walked away with no prison time and no conviction.

Read more about the case here:  https://www.bonjourandthorman.com/emily-dahm-defeats-gang-wiretap-case-frees-client/

Green Card Holder in Immigration Removal Proceedings Gets DUI Charges Dismissed
Our client was visiting the Bay Area on a business trip when he was arrested for reckless driving and having a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.  Client’s immigration attorney made it clear that the client would be deported if convicted of the DUI charges.  Attorney Maggie Gaan acted swiftly to defend her client and set the matter for a speedy trial.  Through extensive preparation, motion practice and negotiations, Ms. Gaan was able to resolve her client’s case on the day of trial for a misdemeanor reckless driving charge not involving alcohol, securing her client an “immigration safe” result in a difficult case.

Other successful outcomes include: